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How this Blog was Made

I’m just going to have a brief post on the platform this site uses and where it is hosted.

This site is hosted on an AWS EC2 instance on an Ubuntu Linux machine. I used a community AMI that includes WordPress, PHP, Apache and MySQL installed. This saved a bit of time not having to manually install those packages.

I bought the clnetworking.com domain through AWS Route 53 domain service. The DNS name servers are hosted with Route 53 as well. I have a single A record pointing to the public address of my EC2 server. It was a easy decision to not use a Load balancer and just use a single EC2 instance due to the small amount of traffic coming in.

When I start to get more traffic I would like to have the EC2 instance in an auto scaling group that scales up according to available resources. I would then create a Route 53 Alias record pointing to the hostname of the AWS elastic load balancer.

From here I started playing around with some WordPress themes and liked the Wpxon Blog theme. I played around with the WordPress navigation and features for a little bit to get used to everything. I made a couple blog posts…and here we are!

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