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Completed Studies – AWS Solutions Architect

My goal with this series of posts is to share the experiences I have from studying for the various certifications I have, as well as to share the training materials I have used and which ones I recommend.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Training Materials:

This was my first real experience with a cloud platform and so everything was pretty much new material for me. This went over everything from S3 storage, to EC2 compute to the foundation of a VPC. I enjoyed studying for this certification as it gave a great foundation on AWS’s most important services. I felt this was beneficial into making me a well rounded engineer especially with more and more companies using AWS every day.

One of the things that stood out to me was the push for serverless architecture. The A Cloud Guru instructor was a huge proponent of it, talking about the cost savings as compute is only used on a demand basis. I listen to a good amount of the Packet Pushers podcast, and they often talk about serverless architectures and microservices. I’m glad I finally have a grasp on these topics and can take more learning points from those conversations.

My other takeaways are learning the difference between a relational database and NOSQL, infrastructure as code using CloudFormation and the capabilities of AWS’s DNS service Route 53.

Something I found interesting was how networking in the cloud is still mostly standard network fundamentals. Based on what I have heard it made it seem way different. Obviously there is a lot going on under the AWS covers, but from a customer perspective I see a lot of similarities. This is something I want to expand on explaining, especially as I finish up studying for the Advanced Networking cert.

I enjoyed the A Cloud Guru training material and would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn the material. The instructor does a good job of cutting out any fluff and getting to the main points. After the class I read the white papers on the AWS website and used Google for any topics I was still weak on.

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