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Current Studies

Cisco Certified Design Architect (CCDA)

I grabbed this guide to help learn the different best practice topologies in large enterprise environments. Dealing mostly with SMBs there is a normally a router on a stick handled by a firewall and a couple access switches. There isn’t normally a need for a tiered topology so this is knowledge that I normally would not need.

Being introduced to larger and more complex networks requires the knowledge on how to setup a best practice environment and the reason behind it.

AWS Advanced Networking

I wanted to learn more about AWS in general after completing the Solutions Architect cert. One of the biggest reasons I wanted to study this material was to learn about Direct Connect.

For some reason I never realized or thought about the idea that companies could connect directly to AWS’ backbone network. This completely changes the game IMO.

If you have an IPSec VPN tunnel from a corporate network to an AWS VPC just going over the public Internet you would see not see the best performance or reliability. With Direct Connect you are basically adding AWS’ Global network to your high speed WAN.

AWS can even announce all of their prefixes in the US to US customers, so you can reach any services that you use that are hosted on AWS over AWS’ backbone with Direct Connect

Red Had Certified Solutions Architect (RHCSA)

I started studying this to try to become a more well rounded engineer. My goals with studying for this is to gave a better grasp of the Linux file structure and the CLI.

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